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Friday, February 26, 2010 have to love these

i just want y'all to know that I had a "big girl" lunch today. now, you are probably thinking what is a big girl lunch? well,...i went out to lunch with my mom and aunt to the Wild Sage Grille. "I" had the field greens with goat cheese and hold the dressing (i'm not much into any type of dressings), and it was such a delicious combination of flavors. i loved the chewy dried cranberries, and the sweet mandrin oranges, the tang of the goat cheese mixed with the greens and wasn't a burger, or pizza, or nachos, or hot dogs, no i don't believe there was kids food on this menu(at least not our kids type of food anyway).

we had a great conversation and i was telling them about this wonderful new person i met in blog world, and that we will need to go and visit her part of the world because of all the wonderful antiques and hoarders sales! if you need a little giggle- you need to visit Polka Dot Barn....

this was after my wonderful morning at Piper framing and art gallery where they were happy to see me especially with new art and had even sold two of my paintings.

then, i got to paint at my mom's studio for the rest of the afternoon....nope, it just does not get much better than, this (except for hanging out with my sweetie...just in case you read this sweetheart!)


  1. what a fantastic friday! now I'm inspired to make a salad with goat cheese for lunch today.

  2. a big girl lunch...........what a hoot! a cheeseburger IS a big girl lunch to me. lol whereas goat cheese......not so much. ha!

    and you talked about me over lunch. what a hoot. no wonder it was a grown up lunch because i am SO mature! and you mentioned a trip down this way............i would absolutely LOVE that. Plan it!

    xxxooo, jan


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