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Monday, February 1, 2010

1st day of love

i am starting with the love of my life...hi-school sweetheart, believer in all that is me- good, bad, and otherwise, best friend, lover. he is handsome- i love all his freckles, funny- makes me laugh every day, smart- extrovert physics major with mad skills.

i love him all clean shaven, and dressed to the nines, but, i almost have to say my favorite is when he has a shadow of a beard (the brett favre look...i like to tease him- because they both have a little "sparkle" in their beards), and has been working in the garage.

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  1. K! Great photo of you guys! We have so much in common regarding our LOVE for the hubs! I've been loving the updates on your blog and am so proud of you for doing what you love more and more! Keep it up!


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