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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1, 2, 3

our house would not be a home with out our three kids.... our oldest is 15 (he only looks like he is 18) and every day here in mn is a painful reminder that his birthday is not until june when he will have a regular driver license and then, can drive without a parent. i anticipate a huge change in my hair color this summer...our middle is 12 going on 17. she is as tall as me and it boggles my mind how similar yet so far at opposite ends of the spectrum we can be. you would never image the medical miracle she overcame in her first year of life to get to this point- especially by seeing her...our youngest is 11 and has told me more then once he aspires to win the nobel peace prize...always original this one bringing up the tender, thoughtful, creative...they make our home fun, interesting, loud, colorful, full of laughter, not many tears, some frustration, but, always love. beyond the boundaries, past all expectations, never faltering, forever.

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