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Sunday, February 21, 2010

love of cars

ok...i must admit, i am a car girl! i love cars- mainly, chrysler, plymouth- old muscle cars. i like them "original" looking, or totally tricked out with tubs (HUGE tires and a very small rear end) and some blown motor. i have an appreciation of almost all old muscle cars- no matter what the brand if someone has taken the time and effort.

the other thing i have discovered is that i really like rat rods. and it is a very good thing that my husband digs them as well. we have slowly been collecting our "parts" to make our own rat rod (this may well have to get in line in our garage however....i'm thinking after my convertible- but, that may be up for discussion). so in the midst of a day of basketball, it would figure that WE of all people would be able to sniff out a car show to go and burn some time at.

oh- and along the lines of basketball...we lost the first game by three, but, the second game was a barn burner....two overtimes and the girls won by A bucket!! we lost our last game...had a little bit of foul trouble (bad refs- but, i will not boring you with all of that.) ok- one was an ass and the other didn't know his ass from a ball. ok- i'm done....thanks for staying 'til the end.

FINE- i am arguing with my camera- who by the way is winning!...i apparently forgot to charge the camera battery and now, cannot load my pictures to show you...will charge the battery tonight- come visit tomorrow for some rat rod pics! sorry....

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