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Monday, February 15, 2010

belly of

a mountain of pepper...

at supper, delicious pot roast, potatoes, veggie....and three kids. who all feel the need to make small delectable jabs at one another. supper is never boring at our house. tk tells her older (wiser, slighter of hand) brother that it would have been soooo funny had the pepper spilled out onto his potatoes and now, she wants him to pass her the pepper. now, sneaky and undetectably he unscrews the pepper top, so that when she goes to spice up her potatoes- the whole pepper shaker spills out onto HER potatoes.

so, tk gets the giggles, and her older brother starts laughing saying, "you should have seen your face mom!" and now, he is laughing so hard he is crying; and well, the youngest is totally enjoying the heck out of all of this because both of the other fools are laughing so hard they are crying and the joke was not on him!! and now i am totally laughing because they are out of control laughing, wiping eyes and trying to regain composure....belly laughs are so good for the soul...

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  1. Hilarity! I love the whole story and belly laughs are absolutely too rare!


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