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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


inspired by polkdot barn and her latest purchases at an auction, aka "hoarders sale" (if you like auctions- you HAVE to go visit!). i am posting some of my favorites that i have added to my personal collection, because i certainly do not hoard...i collect.

i have to be honest on this front of auctions...there was a time when i was pretty sure i needed therapy so that i wouldn't feel the need to go to all of the auctions that were close to home. i would completely obsess over them after reading the bill of sale not very patiently waiting for the sale to come.

this came after i had told my husband i wouldn't go to all of them; and then, on my way home one day- i stopped. just for a moment and got a couple of good deals and left my purchases in the trunk. well, later that week my sweetie needed to put something into the trunk and came across my purchases...with my head hung low, i said i needed therapy.

i have been better and only obsessing a little bit and have even missed a few; but, the last one i went to the "young ladies" (one reminds me of my gramma) that man the registration desk said they had missed me and they were glad to see me again! that may not be the best sign...maybe i just left a good impression....

my best buy was probably the hummels. i bought a box for the old book that was in the box and was so surprised to see the hummels quietly sitting in the bottom of my box. now, they are not perfect, but, i paid $5 for the, hey- they are looking pretty good for $5!! hope you enjoy my finds over the years!

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