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Friday, February 5, 2010

for the love of giggles on a tense day-day 5 of love is what the day brought: my mom fell on the ice yesterday- breaking her wrist which needed to be surgically repaired today.

on my trip into town to take my mom to the surgical center, i thought i would have a breakfast sandwich on my way an sausage mcmuffin with egg; only when i got on the road with my sandwich and was up to speed a couple of miles down the road...i opened my sandwich and took a big hot delicious bite to discover that it was missing the egg! what the heck?! how can you seriously have a breakfast sandwich with no egg?

back to the center calls- please come, off we went early. only to sit for a long time...but, she did get in sooner than scheduled. now, i was calmer than i was the last time we had to sit in the waiting area of a surgical area; however, i work in the medical field and sometimes when, given time to let your mind wander it is not good, but, soon enough i was called to meet the surgeon- all is very well.

my quick lunch was at the surgery center and i finally decided on a go with my stellar breakfast i had. now, for those of you not skilled in the ways of my culinary delights- i am NOT a condiment person. i see the condiments sitting on the counter, so, i just order my burger- just like that. pay for lunch; find a spot for me and all my stuff; get out my book, open my burger, take a bite....not the cheesy burger i was hoping for. nope- ketchup, mustard, and pickles- ew!!! i immediately want to spit this out, but, i am sitting in public at a hospital, so, i take a huge gulp of milk knowing that if i choke someone will know how to do the heimlich.

back to mom...the surgery itself was quick, and then i just needed her to wake up a bit before i could go back and see her. so i made all the necessary calls to everyone and went back. she was doing fairly well initially but, did have some nausea that we had to content with. when supper came, i decided i just needed a small snack- the smell of food would not have been good.

at this point, it has been a fairly long day- i don't like seeing my mom not feeling well, so i go to get a snack. i have extra change to get something else...but, somehow i managed to push the wrong button, and do not get a salted nut roll, but, cornnuts- and not just plain cornnuts- barbeque! and when i step off the elevator and glance at the art work on the wall, at first- thought i saw boobs,... with nipples. what?! upon looking again because it can't be boobs- it is a tree on top, with acorns running across the bottom of the painting in circles (this being the boobs with nipples)...that are maybe roots? anyway- clearly, i had been at the surgery center too long at this point. and this is the point, that i get the giggles on this tense day- boobs with acorn nipples.

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  1. haha haha haahaha! What a day K! Glad your mom's a-ok!


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