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Monday, March 1, 2010


it almost never ceases to amaze me, my lack of the overall complexity of life and how i seem so able to completely see it one dimensionally. here is my scoop...

today at work, i am filling in for our resident employee health nurse, who has told me on several occasions that she is NOT a therapist; and then, i remind her that she tends to be very motherly and sometimes people just need to talk. so,...someone comes to me today and virtually tears up walking in the door. now, i am not overly like our resident nurse (at least i do not consider myself to be that motherly, however, i have decided that i am a very good listener- so, sometimes i believe that gets mistaken for the same thing- back to the story....) she says she is not feeling well, and needs to go home; but, with tears in the eyes, i have to at least ask if she is ok...well, her life is just really complicated right now, and she is one who tends to set the bar exceptionally high (which i relate to as well), but, as she is leaving to go home, she says, next week she will have to tell a story about why she is why she is and this is why she does what she does and it all boils down to doing what she loves (i am listening- my own door is open, and that is exactly again, why i am stepping away from one of my own positions at work to focus on what i love to do).

and as she leaves, i am amazed at how i can assume that everyone's life is not complicated (if you are at work, then, work is work, and i can separate out work and home fairly easily)and that everyone has some sort of problems outside of work, but, that i don't consider their life outside of work.

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  1. I loved reading this post because it allows me to respond with my favorite saying,
    "Always be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some kind of battle"
    And i think your post spoke to that when you think about a person, if you remember this saying then you will have an easier time looking at people as 3 dimensional.
    This saying has been one of the things that changed my life about 10 years ago.

    Loved your post, love you, Jan


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