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Monday, March 29, 2010

the week of "0"

so, last week on monday was an "0" birthday for me. i thought i could quietly let it pass, but, once i had reached the hallway to my office, i knew i was busted! someone clearly knew which bday this was....

there were only a select few who even knew my actual age; and the rest were surprised at the age and told me it would be ok.

so, after one week of settling in to this new, next decade of my life this is what i have decided....
-that i am comfortable with my age; but, if you think i am going to wear jeans that come to my actual waist and only come to my will be sadly mistaken
-that i am the most confident in myself that i have ever been; i have learned life lessons, and moved forward
-women are beautiful at any age; but, the older a woman becomes the more beautiful she becomes because of life-especially if she has a passion because she will want to share and open up and that is hard to resist
-you need to be open to life and take the open door even if it is barely cracked- if you want it, pull, open it; life is meant to be a learning experience; if you believe you can, that is all it takes- why aren't you doing it?
-and nothing can beat a great group of friends....on a friday night (thanks girls for a wonderful bday party...what happens in the yukon- stays in the as long as we were being silly...while taking pics, i was all about the "facebook" standard issue-peace signs with the pursed lips...)

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  1. HAhahhah! Happy Birthday Kristen! You rock girl! Those 'mom' jeans should be banned from production shouldn't they? Looks like you had a great day/time! Congrats!


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