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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i was asked to donate a piece to the children's care hospital event called "doctors in concert." the person who is organizing the event had stopped into the gallery and really liked my work. she had especially liked the work entitled "are you listening?"

after i had agreed to donate a piece, one that is currently into the works, and drop it off at the gallery for her next week, a small ripple of fear went through me. first of all, it is a work in progress- note, it is not finished; and what if she doesn't like it or if it wouldn't live up to her expectations?

it is always easy to take the commission or work, but, then, there is always this brief moment of fear when someone is really relying on this work; this isn't something you just created, really liked, and now are selling- this is something they are trusting you to make, create for them., i am going to...
trust in my own listening (and listen to that internal whisper of creativity),
trust in my dreams (i am holding the door open- i saw the light and i am looking
into it to see what other wishes come tumbling out)
trust in my work and be honored i was asked.

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