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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mad fool

i painted like a mad fool this last weekend...i had a commission that i had only gotten the briefest of details for that caused my pea brain to kick into overtime apparently- because i could hardly sleep friday night. so, saturday i did a little shopping for the requested size canvas and went to town! i really like what i ended with....i am hoping that the requestor likes it as well, but, if not- no problem....i liked it and it came so quickly and easily, that it is sure to find a good home by someone.

i also finished the piece for the donation to the "doctors in concert" that is this weekend. that piece i had mentioned i was a little worried about expectations- but, it came together so nicely and quickly that it will be fine. i really liked the end product and again- that is good.

if the artist is happy, then, life is good!


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