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Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter....

quite the day we had here today. our neighbor gentleman had offered to buy easter dinner because i always cook and he did not want me to slave away today...god bless him.

(a little back ground on the neighbor...he is mid 80's, and his wife passed away the winter we moved into our house, and, unfortunately we did not get a chance to meet here; he does not have children, and his family is all "getting up there in age" and do not travel and usually do not travel for the holidays- so, our neighbor is usually by himself- especially for the holidays. so, as long as we are home, i always invite him over to join the holiday for dinner at least....)

quite the feast we had here today- and i did not slave away today (i did some cooking yesterday, but, recruited the kids to help with everything and it was so much fun and alot less work). we served 16 today and laid out the tables to accommodate us all...there is nothing better than a huge bunch of family...lively conversation, food, a good holiday, wonderful weather...

we finished the day by going to an easter play put on by one of the local churches. it was very good and a very visual reminder of the reason for the day- jesus has risen, let us all rejoice....god bless all of you!

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