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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tuesday morning

yesterday morning=crappy

got the kids to school and decided i needed a cranberry-orange muffin before going to work, and that i should enjoy the muffin at the little coffee shop as well; why spoil a perfectly good muffin by taking it to work with myself.

so, i go to find a table to quietly eat my muffin, when i get invited to sit with the group of ladies that came in behind me. at first, i politely said i would be ok, but, then, had a change of heart and decided-what the heck!

so there were four at the table to start with and they were asking question about me, and the one lady says, so, welcome to luverne! how long have you been here? and i said, it will be 10 years this spring. they were all like, OMG- where have you been hiding? and then, almost if on queue someone new would come to the table and each time someone new came the group would introduce me as new to town because i have only been here 10 years and then, they would all laugh again!

at the end, i did need to go to work unfortunately, but, apparently they must have liked me because they said to come and join the group any tuesday and that they would add my name to the "list" to buy.

so crappy day=totally adverted over a small leap of faith, great group of ladies, muffin and cup of coffee

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