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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy tuesday

there is something about getting stuff in the mail, isn't there? the best is the anticipation of completing the order and then, each day, checking, hoping that today is the day that you stuff came! i am telling you, stuff in the mail and art supplies, it makes me sooooo happy! when my boxes came, our youngest son saw the warning and thought that it was so funny, he actually took a picture- that is good stuff! what is better than a heaping bowl of happiness with giggles sprinkled on top?

thanks again lisa for this happiness filled week- check out her blog to see others filled with happiness.


  1. LOVE mail! Even if I've ordered it and know what's in it, still as exciting as unwrapping a surprise gift. And those warnings are brilliant :D

  2. I so agree with you! Obviously I am talking about good stuff in the mail, like postcards from friends or lovely bits one has ordered online, not bills or bad news or tax assessments or traffic fines. I got 4 DVDs in the mail today - all the way from UK, lovely BBC stuff, and it makes me very, very happy!

  3. Thank you for stoppping by my blog. I LOVE this photo:). What a great marketing tool. Anticipation is more than half the fun, it is true. I love getting packages in the mail, and savor opening them. The same is true for mail - letters and notes, that is. The bills are obviously not a high note!

  4. Yes, it's like Christmas morning for me to get a box of goodies I've ordered. Or to wrap up one of my necklaces all pretty and "dolled up" with special ribbons, stamps, and embellishments and send it out to an unsuspecting customer. Happy Happy!


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