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Friday, December 18, 2015

#DLP.... {cake by the ocean} i don't know about you- but, i am very thankful it is friday. i did steal a few minutes last night to work in my art journal on latest DLP challenge. their featured artist this week is Mary Freeman- who i love! you must go and take a peek at her pages, so click on her name.

the challenge this week is using quotes and lyrics as storytelling.....which i also love. it is a favorite trick on mine for words. sometimes the words just flow out- usually if i am stressed out about something; but, other times, words dribble and i eek out a few. that is when i usually end up writing the words of whatever song is currently blasting from my ipod.

wanna listen to my current song obsession?..... below is the song and video- totally gonna make you smile.

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