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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

re-sew {doll}

i had made my own adorable little doll after seeing my friend's post in Sew Somerset. i had originally made her following the instructions in the magazine, but her face was very small and seemed out of place even though this is not a large doll. she stands about 6.5 inches. i finally figured out how to make her face larger and sewed it on. i really like my hand sewing on the outside of the face for her- adds to her sweetness and vulnerability. 

and the black and white polka dot fabric {swooooon} is one of my all time favorites....

Deb's original dolls were so darn cute!! i have bought several of Deb's dolls and just love them all!

below are Deb's She Dolls

happy wednesday.

xo- kristin


  1. She is precious Kristin! Deb's dolls are so inspiring. Maybe one day I will try my hand at one. You did an amazing job💖❤️💖

  2. Wow Kristin I am honored that you posted this blog post and thankful that you felt inspired enough to follow the instructions and made one !!! You did a fantastic job and I love that you made it your own!! Thank you so much for being one of my best supporters! <3

  3. I love your style and creativity!


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