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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


this was the face yesterday after arriving and getting things ready to teach a painting project last night at the country club to a group of ladies.....totally regretting saying yes. thank goodness i had asked my mom to teach along side me!

the group had requested a golf theme- which initially had me a bit befuddled....but, with a good concept and some practice and pre-planning- our plan worked like a charm. we would show the students how to paint their background and then, collage their golfer and bag.

the group ended up smaller then the initial numbers, but, that was just as well- we were all busy last night.

here they are working like busy beavers on their paintings and collage. 

painting, cutting, gluing.....

they all did a fabulous job!

once the piece was done- we had each student sign their painting and framed it so it was ready to hang and display when they left. the group was fabulous! they were energetic and enthusiastic and tackled the project with gusto!

when we were all done teaching- there was left over dessert....and my mom and i were happy to partake in this fabulous cake!

and we survived!!! and i can't even begin to thank my mom enough for her willingness to help me! this would not have been the success it was without her! thank you, thank you Mom!


  1. Oh how fun! Especially with your Mom by your side! Love the ladies in leis! Nicely done! Aloha!

    1. Hi Hula-la! Yes- my mom and I had a good time! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! Happy Thursday!

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    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Thursday!

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    1. Hi Sue! Thanks!! My mom and I had a great time that night! I was a little nervous to start- but, that quickly melted away. Happy Thursday!!

  4. FUN! Like I say "Promote your passion". It's so fun creating with like minded people!! ... Hope that we too will create together someday Kristin :-)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Michelle ♥

    1. Thank you Michele!! Yes- i felt waaay better after the class when I knew it had gone well and people liked the class. :) and yes- if I ever get your way- I will totally let you know! We will have to get together!!


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