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Thursday, June 4, 2015

details {of a pocket page}

stitched up a little goodness with a used papertowel that been used to remove some acrylic paint; some vintage buttons, and a little hand sewing.

the circle is a paperscrap that was torn too big- so place a couple strategically placed folds with some stitching....and it is good.

this is an "about me- likes"....what do i like? the color pink, coffee, spray ink, acrylic paint, warm concrete on bare feet, rubber stamps, sunshine, vintage anything- worn and loved, music, old cars, and small towns.......

this is a ATC- but, the pocket page could not be made up of ATCs; so i only included this one. the card and japanese paper scrap as well as the vintage fabric piece i cut is from my vintage pack i had gotten from BlueTwig Studio. the pack was jam packed and full of goodness if you are looking for some ephemera- this would be a good option.

picked this little paperscrap up and added a stamp and have been so inspired by adding black- that i when i was thinking i was almost done....i sprayed it with black ink and let it run and then went back in with a white paint pen to bring my stamp back a bit and add detail.

this is again....paperscraps off my counter with a strip of washi tape- simple.

is this a receipt? from a farm services in 1960....why yes. it is also the paper i used to write my swapping partner a note. i so love this little stash of ephemera.

and this is the whole pocket page filled with goodness for my swapping hope she enjoys it.

happy thursday!

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  1. I adore your details from your pocket page, especially the saved circle sewn from an artful soul! XO


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