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Sunday, May 31, 2015

mixed media crown {for the studio}

i had found a crown shape at the craft store and had been holding onto to it until the creativity spark hit. this last week with all of our busyness i could not take it anymore and went to the studio for some much needed creative therapy.

you know the kind....apron on, paint, ink and glue on the fingers and your favorite music playing in the background (and maybe a little dancing all by yourself....).

as i was working through this little project, i was so excited to find the words, "expanded wings." the past few weeks have been so busy with the life (and i have been enjoying all of it), i had been feeling like my creative studio wings had been clipped and not capable of expanding; and then this project yelled at me to grab that plain crown hiding under the counter.

and those wings began to spread....gesso on...that cool, gritty feel on my hands checking to see if the gesso is dry yet.

and that instant gravity pull to one of your favorite colors of spray ink along with a stencil. pop! the vibrant turquoise popping off the crown against the white.

the gentle call of collage papers as your fingers are rifling through the pile. your eyes quickly scanning for meaning among words.

and just a few stamps to lend to your feel of this creative crown while happiness is washing over you and the smell of the silver paint is good in your nose, and yet indescribable.

so this mixed media crown will sit in the studio to remind me to expand those wings and find comfort in this studio haven where i shall remain the queen of this creatively messy space.

happy sunday....


  1. Love the detail in your crown, super colours. It must have many layers not seen in photos. The colour transparency is a good touch


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