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Monday, May 11, 2015

grad season- {let the card making begin}

this weekend kicked off the graduation parties for 2015 for us; and such my grad card making has begun. i was actually very thankful for a few stolen moments in the studio. the last time i spent in the studio was working to get our grad party invites done.

the kids' actual graduation ceremony will be this coming sunday on the 17th while yesterday was baccalaureate and it was very nice; but, had me on the verge of tears realizing the our daughter will move on to college this fall....i know, i know- they have to grow up; but, still......

i was amazed at how quickly this first card came together; and then, how i struggled to make the second one....crazy. the second one actually is the second try as i worked the first one too hard and it actually tore through where i had stitched on the cover- so i had to start again. so the bottom is the second try.....sometimes the masculinity escapes me.

happy monday!

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