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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

a conversation

my mom had purchased this book for me "101 things to learn in art school" and each time i look through- something reaches out and whispers to my soul.

this particular note grabbed my attention and as i read through the message- i was contemplating my own artistic journey.

i think that initially- i knew what i wanted to do, but, lacked understanding on several levels for my own personal success... color palette, color wheel, and composition. i was afraid of neon colors and did not understand what would make my painting/ journaling pop. and composition.....this can still be a struggle. but, a few key notes.....collage papers need friends- always give them at least one friend and don't leave things hanging....they need to be grounded. "an image may contain information that arrives without your conscious understanding of how it got there. if you aren't engaged and observant, you might miss it or work over it."

i believe that i would previously work over it or miss it completely.....have a conversation with yourself and what you are creating- take your time if you need to....and keep practicing and pushing through; keep working and always learning.

i am preparing to go to class at the end of this week- so excited!

happy tuesday!

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