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Friday, August 31, 2012

measuring up

as a parent, and taking your first born to college- this week has been a test...did we as parents measure up? as a mom i have worried about our oldest son with this being his first week at college. i have worried about him getting up with his alarm clock, getting to class on time, getting himself to the cafeteria when he is supposed to so he can eat, to meet people, to do his homework....i could go on and on. with the holiday weekend though, i will get the chance to see him (no texts ;) and actually talk to him and see what all this week has brought. i want to see him, and part of me feels like he should be staying because it is college and i don't want him to miss anything. this week has been an emotional one and i have been hoping that i have indeed measured up as a parent, and that our son will also, measure up.

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  1. omg Kristin, I can't imagine!!!! It's gotta be so bitter sweet...


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