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Friday, August 3, 2012

more like sisters

while we were in the black hills, i also managed to sneak some time with my best friend. we met while i was still a student in rapid city, which at this point was a long time ago....we don't need to go into details here. :) we both have a passion for vintage items and decorating (she more than me here....), but, truly, we had decided long ago, we were separately at birth.

we aren't able to spend as much time together any more due to the distance, so when we do get together, coffee is a must while we catch up on kids, flowers, decorating, dreams, life....she had visited las vegas and come home with these so totally cute mugs. i loved them!

as we sat visiting, i noticed her little bush just off the open front porch. it had the cutest little red berries.

they have a unique spot in rapid city- having an acreage in town. she has many little spots welcoming visitors to their home.

i loved the garden gates for the backdrop of these cute black-eyed susans.

she had also planted a garden towards the back of their lot. corn, carrots, beets. i loved the colors of the fresh garden beets.

and to top it off, she has a little sluice that runs through a portion of their lot as well down by the garden. the tall grass and cattails just add to the look of their little slice of country heaven in the city.

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