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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

new baby ben

i got to play hookie yesterday from work to hang out with my best friend. we went to the city of brookings for the day and hit the downtown shops. looking in the first antique shop, i found this cute little baby ben.

i always have to check prices....i do not want to pay too much for any addition to my collection. because mine is far from perfect anyway....this newest addition stands at only 3 1/2 inches tall and is in wonderful shape.

the day was perfect- except that  we wanted to stop time, so we could hang out longer and enjoy this great downtown area. we managed to hit 2 antique shops and 2 clothes consignment shops; all of which were amazing. this week, especially, i have probably thought more about time in general as our oldest son is now at college. i hoped he was getting up on time and getting to class; and when he was thinking he was not meeting anyone and not liking school, i was hoping that time was flying by so it could be filled with better time. and because of the holiday weekend this coming weekend, he is probably hoping that time is flying by as well, so he can come home to the familiar. isn't it funny....i am either hoping for time to stand still or fly by, and bless its' heart, for it is steady (and for good reason.)

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  1. Oh Kristin, bad girl ;-) Playing hookie is awesome


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