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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

speaking of creative journeys....

so....i am taking a Bob Burridge collage/ painting class this week with my mom. OMG- talk about shedding my hesitations about color. it is so cool- words can't even begin to explain how cool the last two days have been-so enlightening. if the class were to end today (which would totally break my heart...) i would have gotten ALL of my money worth (and this was not cheap), but, no heart breaking here- we will be here all week- yes, till friday!! yeah! i think i have been afraid of letting completely letting go on the color front when it comes to this part- but, the last two days i have been following the bob plan colorwheel- because that is ALL about the letting go- and it is sooooo refreshing. i can't wait to share my pictures- sorry, i forgot my usb cord to connect up to the computer- so, i am setting the bar of expectations high...and will post later. i also made a purchase....or two...sorry honey- if you read this, didn't we just talk about not necessarily asking for permission, but, rather begging for forgiveness.....i had spied the painting while looking around his site and fell in love with them, and was so surprised when low and behold his other painting came in them!

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