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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i have to be honest- i am not the most "detailed" person especially considering i'm female...if you want details- my husband is brilliant this way (sorry to spill the beans sweetie). i can jump from a rusted out car to a grandiose vision of what it will be like finished- in perfect streetable color- but, not be able to see any of the details and work to get there....

i have been reading some blogs, and admire their visual, detailed way their life's journey is taking them. i am trying to "look" for more detail in life. i took some pictures of details i found around our steps here...

how detailed a person are you?

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  1. Your photo skills have improved by leaps and bounds K! Keep it up! I'm endlessly cleaning and organizing for my mom's visit in late JULY but the piles and mounds of crap are quite frankly, a job that requires more time than I have. I'm hankering to photograph soon, you've inspired me! :)


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