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Monday, June 22, 2009

ruling wreckage....

here are a few photos of our (remember, i conned my mom into this....) recent wreckage from both of our journals. this has been a most wonderful experience. when i take my journal out to do something- who ever may be around me always asked- what is that? what are you doing? where did you get that? many questions and smiles when they page through and see what i have done and what directions are left to do....

you know, i was sooo excited to start and amazed at some of the trepidation but, i do have to admit, there are a couple of pages that i am like....can i really do this? of course the answer will be yes because i do not want to miss one opportunity of this creative journey that i have started. that journey is always full of twistes and turns cuz, if it wasn't what would be the point? would you really want to see the whole end from the very beginning? i just like knowing i am heading in the right direction.


  1. I love your trust and excitement about the whole project. My sceptic has been with me every step of the way. Here you are tossing it all into the pool!

    That page with the butterfly and other doodles is especially interesting.

  2. You colored in your purse items - cool! I hadn't seen that done yet. I like what you said about the twists and turns and if it wasn't, whats the point. Great thinking!


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