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Sunday, October 26, 2014

round 2 for recipe card

i made another recipe card- this one is actually more of a recipe holder with a pocket on the back to hold the recipe written out on small sheets of paper.

i cut down a file folder to make this recipe card because it is a bit sturdier than paper and not overly thick like cardboard. i like the tab i left and it was perfect for adding the words i had found, "licking his lips."

when i cut down the file folder- i made the card 4" x 6". i used acrylic paint and a stencil for the larger circles, and spray ink and another stencil for the smaller circles. i applied the green with the edge of a gift card.

i added the little swatch of fabric for a soft touch and stitched around the very edge of the back paper to make my pocket for the pages.

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