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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

personal reminder- ATCs

still feeling like i am struggling to find my stride with this whole full time gig. i think part of it is that i was usually able to find studio time for sure on the weekends, but, we have had outside house painting to do the past couple of weekends....which has eaten into my studio time.

as i was looking through fairly recent creations, i ran across my inspiration ATC cards i had made for an august swap. i didn't realize that i would need to see my own words.

you can....i can....yes.........we can.

there's time to-day....there is....even if it is only 15 minutes- take the time for yourself (myself).

to conquer....this time struggle. i can. you can. we can......

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  1. love this...trying to find time myself...thanks for sharing!


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