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Saturday, November 17, 2012

model drawing

thursday night i went over to the city and joined my mom at the university to go to the model drawing class. the model for the evening was a very agile young man who did almost impossible poses. i am not evening willing to show a glimpse of the quick 3 minute warm up sketches- you would think your five year old had done them....

this was his last pose and he held this for 40 minutes. i wasn't as happy with my paper- i was wishing i had some colored paper for the pastels to show up better on, but, what do you do....the other thing i learned that night, is that india ink does not like to be on top of pastel- at all.....friday morning, i was liking my drawing much better. i decided it was probably in direct correlation to the amount of competition at home versus the university.... :), but, i do like it now- it is what i would term "my speed."

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