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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"give thanks" door

i had picked up this kitchen cupboard door- it was an sample from a home improvement center; knowing that i would re-purpose it....i lightly sanded it, wiped down and painted it black.

once the black was dry, i used a fairly bright yellowish green and raw sienna. i painted the green all over and used the raw sienna only as an accent on the corners and on the inside along the edges. i then sanded the edges and corners to provide that worn look i was looking for and allow the black to show through.

i then drew the words in pencil and then followed up with a sharpie and a coat of spray varnish to keep my cupboard looking good! and i deeply apologize.....i saw this idea on another blog and i now, i cannot find it to share the link (thought i had pinned it....). my door looks very similar, so, if you have seen something like this- please leave me a note so i can give proper credit. thanks!

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  1. Love this painted finish......I haven't seen it before so cant help you with that part. This door was a good find!


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