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Friday, November 9, 2012

and here we go.....
  1. one time, i took a leap of faith and started this blog. (from humble beginnings....)
  2. my art journal, is something that makes me smile.
  3. seven words i love: vintage, rusty, worn, loved, believe, dream, happiness.
  4. i love big, fluffy snow; against a blue black night sky.
  5. i looked out the window today and saw light fog.
  6. she believed she could- so she did,.... and that's saying something! believe....
  7. and as for the weekend, tonight i am looking forward to the start of our occasional sale; tomorrow my plans include the second day of our sale, and on sunday, i want to relax.                   .


  1. I am so glad you started this blog Kristin...

  2. Snow is pretty to look at. I just don't like the other aspects of it! :)
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend. You can visit me here:


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