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Friday, October 27, 2017

travel & doodles {planner art}

flower doodles in my planner. regular black ink pen with finger-painted watercolor

this last weekend i traveled to texas. 
it was a busy weekend; but i always pack a small art travel bag to take along. 

what do i pack in this bag?

  • 2017 planner- i like to write while i travel as well; nothing serious....observations while in the airport; up coming plans; brain storming ideas; anything that comes to mind
  • watercolor pencils- only my favorite colors; turquoise, green, pink, orange.....
  • thin markers- only one or two colors; my favorite is Jane Davenport's turquoise
  • child's watercolor palette- you know the one..... yellow plastic with the clear top and only 8 color pans with the crappy brush (interesting to even try to paint with that brush)
  • stabilo pencil in black
  • black ink pen- any regular black ink pen will do
  • pigma micron 03 black ink pen

this was the evening sky on saturday after a day of racing while we waited to see justin timberlake.....(justin timberlake....)

but back to reality- 

temps in texas- 80's
temps in minnesota- 50's with a super stiff wind; with snow threatening today


xo. kristin

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