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Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday fun...

well, long week finally over. i've had a "finable" report that needed to be turned in on friday- what a relief to submit that and be over that hurdle. so, time for a little fun this weekend!! i am meeting my mom and going to an art fair this morning- and i can hardly wait! i have not been to this one in a long time. we use to go to alot when i was growing mom and gramma are very talented ladies! they have always been as connor would say- "artsy-fartsy." i wish i would have listened a little closer growing up (that whole kid thing going on...)- probably would have learned a whole lot more from these two- but, i am paying close attention now and they each continue to get better and better each year.....we celebrated gramma's 95th birthday this last spring. such an amazing and talented woman- she is into portraits-sketching people; and they are incredible!

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