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Friday, July 24, 2009

five senses friday

another summer week has past....

i can hear the birds in the trees chirping and chattering this morning. an owl in the old tree next door.
i can hear the heartbreak of my two best friends who had both called yesterday completely distraught- pleading for me to call back. both kid/ parent issues but at the opposite spectrums. one kid/ stupid choice, the other parent/ health....

i can see the stillness in our trees this morning. it is very calming, peaceful...

my feet step off the steps and onto the warm cement driveway. i can feel the course grooves of the cement under my feet. the warmth feels good- the morning is actually a little cool.

summer has to be the best- strawberries, blueberries- i can't keep enough in the house. the peaches and nectarines so juicy it drips off your chin- those are the best.

i can smell anticipation of possible change in our air here...discussions of why a move would be good- not a huge move, but, a move is a move; however, the amount of change would be schools, new friends...alot of work; is the whole lot of work and change worth the change....we have high would need to be perfect. so until we figure this out...the smell of anxious, nervous, underlined with excitement at potentials....

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