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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deja vu

we watched a really freaky show the other night(so very good if you like scary shows) and i thought it was interesting that the medium in the show was a kid. then, the more i got to thinking about it, it made more a kid i use to have many experiences of deja vu and ones that felt very strong, but, as i have gotten older the experiences are far less frequent and even if i should have one, much weaker.

so do you think the older we get, maybe more responsibility, jobs, our own kids, life in general, just gets in the way, and we are just not open to those experiences? i wonder to myself, as the tv has some video game playing, there is music playing because the game isn't enough, the phone is ringing (and no one is answering it...oh, wait- there is hope-someone grabbed it), and our oldest son is talking to me as i am trying to type my thoughts....and i wonder why i don't listen to the little voices or paying enough attention to experience deja vu....

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