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Friday, July 3, 2009

five senses friday

i can close my eyes and still see all the wonderful colors that Bob Burridge will use to paint- even though i have been home a week now.

i can still smell all that excitement in the air of 26 artists there to learn and watch Bob paint. and some very talented people in the student chairs....

when Bob was lecturing- what great interaction from the group....i can hear the laughter. and when we would be could hear the music in the background, and the brushes and fingers painting.

i could taste the anticipation of another day- hardly able to wait to learn some more; not able to sleep because i was so excited to learn more....

i discovered i love to paint with my fingers (image that...). i would dab before, but, now, i really love to just paint with them. i love the feel of the paint on my fingers- i love the way that i can still be picking those beautiful colors off of my fingers hours, and hours later...and still see traces of those colors.

i have been home for a week- but, i wanted to make sure and capture what and how i felt that week of painting. i can't explain or tell you enough- inspirational.

happy 4th

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