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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shapes of creativeness

on a trip into town the kids were playing that game where you make shapes out of the on my walk last night, i was thinking about that and looking at the trees. i have always worked in the medical field- (my professional career- plenty of crappy minimum wage jobs before and during college) and the trees always remind me of our lungs.

ok- now you are saying what are you talking about. but, i did angiograms of pretty much anywhere or any organ in the body in my previous job and the one dreaded exam was the one of the lungs. digital was in full bloom in our dept, but, we had one doc that believed when shoot the pictures of the lungs- actual film was the way to go. we rarely used the film except for lungs, so, it never failed- the bucky (the thing that is holding the film before it is exposed)would jam. long story....the first few pictures of the angiogram look like a winter tree- bare branches; starting with the trunk and then, dividing and dividing. once you get past those first few frames the contrast would fill all the little capillaries and the lungs would "blush" looking like a summer tree. the few few pictures were always very pretty...even the blush was cool- it was just really full. so, just in case you were ever wondering what a pulmonary angiogram looked like- trees. and use that language- pulmonary angiogram- you can impress your friends....

photos: my tree at dusk by joiseyshowaa

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