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Sunday, July 12, 2009

let's talk karma....

so let's talk about the whole karma thing...i go to the arts and craft show at the park- it is very busy and a ton of really talented people showing their wares....we do a little shopping downtown as long as we are in town and finally go to leave. now, we had come in two cars and went to the show in one because parking was horrible; so, we are back to the other car, and i cannot find the key. not a whole ring full of keys that most certainly would not have just slipped into my sweatshirt pocket, but, one single key; which when i put my sweatshirt around my waist because it was now hot- apparently fell out. so, we go back to the fair and i wander around the spot where i took my sweatshirt off and decide that there are now a million people here and even now that the grass is fully trampled- i am never going to find the key and must now call my husband and break the good news to him. nevermind that i am a little over an hour away from, my mom checks at the information booth and they send us over to the security booth. at security he asks me what the key looks like and i tell him it's a dodge and just a single key- he goes and looks....and comes out with A key- my key. now this is an older hiway patrol officer and i don't think i have ever wanted to hug someone ever!! i told him- see this phone, on the other end of the line is my husband who is now "oober" relieved that the key was turned in., clearly karma was working for me yesterday- it was the needle in a haystack. wow....

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  1. me thinks you must have a magical kind of finger painting karma!


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