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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

calendar..... {april}

happy april. 

not sure where you are at, but here in midwest we are technically in spring- but if you were to visit....oh wait a minute- you probably couldn't get here due to a winter storm, which then made roads icy and difficult to navigate.

as we received another 6" of snow yesterday with wind making it bitterly cold and glazing sidewalks and roads.

 and this morning the temp is 5 degrees F; and with the windchill we feel like -7. 

seven below on april fourth.

where is spring?!

so her irritated, slightly crabby, stern look is exactly how i feel about april right now. 

xo. kristin

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  1. I didn’t go out at all I am a bit stir crazy. Love your painting and poem.


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