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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

think gift....

think gift - for yourself or a friend......are you an artist? do you go and paint with friends or take classes? or maybe have a friend who is an artist?......this is a super cute pencil/ paintbrush bag; and everyone would gush over your super cute pencil bag- or your gift to an artist friend. it was listed this morning to my etsy shop.

its' front panel is hand dyed and stamped with a black and white fringe along the lime green zipper. the back panel is a large turquoise polka dot.

this will hold even your long paintbrushes....see my silver one? one of my favorite paintbrushes for sure....wouldn't leave the house to paint without it!

the end has a cute vintage button sewn onto the end- just to keep the details on point for this bag. this bag also has a sari ribbon handle to snag this bag with a finger.

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