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Friday, April 6, 2012


warning: the contents of this box may lead to creativity, paint is slippery when wet, this box is stuffed with creativity open box away from face....

warning: do not drive over package, contents may cause extreme jubilation, we're more than a little off everyday, contents may cause creative and artistic growth.... 

warning: reading this blog may cause inspiration and creativity, reading this blog may cause excessive time spent on the computer with additional clicks, reading this blog will may be a bright spot in your day.  My cheap joe's order came yesterday!! i love getting stuff - i know i paid for it and it is suppose to come, but, i love getting home after work and seeing a package waiting to be opened. i had ordered my mom's b-day present, and had to add just a little bit for myself -to make the shipping cheaper.... ;)

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  1. hahaha, "to make the shipping cheaper" oh, I know exactly what you are talking about :D


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