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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

graduation invites

this is my first batch....

i did use chalkboard paint for the black swipe across the front. vintage book paper for the circles and scrapbook paper for the colorful strip along the left side. the no. 2012 is stamped in white craft  ink and sprayed with a fixative to stay put. ;)

i also used green india ink on the fronts and backs along with a gold glimmer mist. you can appreciate the glimmer mist better here on the back. and my husband is always telling me "it's good to be the king" so when i found that stamp, i had to have it- and it is perfect for the graduation cards! it is stamped in grey.

i did sew along the papered edge as well with a white zigzag and a black straight stitch for a little texture. i did not trim the threat close- choosing to let the threads come shortly off the page. my plan is to place his picture on the top half of the card and the information for the open house on the bottom. i did also "do" the envelopes. the scrapbook paper was so cool and had such nice colors that i had a left over piece that fit nicely on the envelope.

and check this yesterday morning at about 510am, my vintage old oak table that i have had forever decided it had had enough!! and broke in thirds! the loud crash of course woke me up. i came down thinking i was going to be mad at the cat, and was looking around, couldn't find anything until i turned around and really looked at my table, and then said "holy crap, my table broke!" what a way to start the day!

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  1. love these and think i did something similar with my oldest's h.s. graduation.
    very cool.
    and, hey, thanks for your very, very kind blog post comment re: my mom. i appreciate it so much.


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