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Saturday, April 14, 2012

numbered days.....

this is my view looking into my kitchen from the dining room. hopefully in a few (probably long weeks) my view will be completely different. next pics i am hoping to show you a nice big sink with a very nice large window looking south over our backyard.

this is my view to the east....those are my only cupboards and counter space. what the heck, huh?! i have made it work for 12 years. i love our old house except for my kitchen....but, like i said, this kitchen's days are numbered cuz i started packing it up for the redo!!

this is the north wall...i am hoping for a clean sleek look with a little less stuff; a lot more cabinets; and way more counter top! oh, and although i really like the marigold paint, it is time for a new paint scheme....i am so excited! i must be a little crazy however, because we also have a graduation this about 6 weeks. this should be a little dicey and  add to that normal graduation stress- whoopie!

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