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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a hooowling good time

i love a good scary movie. we have this wide variety of ages in the lower level of where i work, and somehow our 20 something always seem to know of some small obscure detail about something bizarre and then, she comes to me for support of this strange piece of information. the other ladies in the area range from late 40s to mid 50s. i am a 30 something (albeit a very late 30 something, but, dammit, a 30 something none the less.....) i am the middle woman of this group. so anyway....we got to talking about scary movies and ones we like and have freaked us out and decided that this group needed to watch a scary movie together to get the full effect (i am not sure if the effect is from the movie or the group....)

our movie is the haunting in connecticut. i am the only one who has watched the whole show. i saw it, and told the group at work...omg- was that show freaky- you have got to watch it. so, one of them watch the first little bit and was too freaked out to finish it, our 20 something read the preview and then changed her mind (she is an only mom, and so, the only adult- and didn't want to watch it by herself) and the others....well, they wouldn't watch it based on my reviews. so...friday we are going to watch it at my house. i can hardly wait.

other scary movies i love:
the event horizon,
exorcist (this one scared the pants off of me when i was too young, and couldn't bring myself to watch it again until i was well into high school...)

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