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Sunday, October 11, 2009

changing of the seasons....

as the leaves are falling, and the cool wind is in the air, my own winds are blowing in my artistic creative self. i had a great friday last week; i had taken in a bunch of new paintings to the gallery and they liked a bunch of them, including one big one (30 x40)heart that i had painted. they liked the heart so much that they were going to take it to the ronald mcdonald house in town- they only thing, was if it sells, i have to be willing to donate 15% back to the house- i said absolutely!! are you kidding?! the other thing they really liked was these small inspirational paintings i had done for our kids...they of course, wanted them bigger (the ones for the kids are 6 x 8)- which is fine; but, their plan is to submit the art for the new cancer care institute that is being built!!!

so, i am going to step back just a bit....i like small. it is comfortable and not so overwhelming when painting. i went out on a limb painting big (they had been asking for larger- but, they did have to smile about the heart- that was pretty big!)anyway....i have been trying to make this transition, and i think i have come across a way for myself to create in a larger space and still have it look like i want and feel the way i want it to- which as an artist is very important; almost as important as your message, theme, thought....

i took their suggestion- bigger, yet inspirational and i am very happy with it. it also coincided with a friend who is currently going through breast cancer herself and was leaving for surgery the next day. i had told her i had been thinking about her this whole last weekend painting, and would like to dedicate this first painting to her- she said she would be honored; her surgery was on tuesday and i finished the painting tuesday night. i am going to let carma and the winds take it from here....


  1. this is awesome! what an amazing thing that your art is contributing to healing. congratulations!

  2. Congratulations. It sound like your work is not only beautiful but healing for so many. You are gifted.


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