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Friday, October 23, 2009

the start of a journey

i have been following a fellow blogger (curiousgirl_lisa)who i admire on several fronts, and will be joining in on the journey through the artist's way. i am really excited as i have read a couple of the posts from others and am really excited to see where this journey ends. i have made such huge leaps in my own artist journey lately and i feel really open to move forward and push out and to take strides that will make my journey even better. i love my shop in my house- it is such a cool place. the colors, the art (a little bit of everything...stuff my kids have done- that are of course totally cool, to art i have bought from other wonderful artists, to photos that make me happy). i will have to show a picture...soon though. we had a little accident with the camera. i may have to post that. if it weren't my camera- it really is pretty funny.....i am purchasing my books today- going to town....starting my journey. to be continued.....

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