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Thursday, December 31, 2009


new year wishes (that sounds nicer than resolutions....)
1. i have started a good workout plan- now i just need to stick with it (for the whole year....)ps- if you have a wii- you NEED to have the game- just dance-OMG! so much fun!!! this is part of the plan...the fun part- which is always necessary for the sticking with it part to really stick
2. paint more, and not waste time or take open time for granted; when i have a free moment at home- go to my shop (it always makes life better)
3. we say we are going to do a family game night (and NOW we are going to stick with it- so important; especially considering our oldest will be off to college in two more years....)
4. i have been reading and participating in "the artist's way"- i plan (pledge) to keep with the journaling (it has been sooo enlightening; not always easy, but, very good) i want to see where this creative journey continues to lead me- i bought myself a "creative" ring that says "be true to your dreams"- so let the doors open and the whispers of possibility rein....
5. stick with the kids need to do more around the house- it is so easy for me to just get it done; however, then, my extra free time is gone- see number, i am drawing a creative line in the sand and sticking to my guns

god bless, be safe, and here is to twenty10 wishes, dreams, and inspirations....

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  1. You are adorable! Love the new year wishes..I haven't gotten around to mine yet, yikes! Have a great new year's eve and I would love to see a video of your WII dance moves...


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