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Friday, February 7, 2014

flash back of the queens....

a little flash back here today....out of another art journal that was just basically for collage and mixed media.

 i actually purchased this journal from a friend in poland who is very talented. check out her blog here.... she is always layering her work, and her details are always amazing! her latest piece is stunning and was inspired by a poem.

she made my journal with a variety of all sorts of papers- including the picture of those women. i wanted to be sure and incorporate this picture into my collaged pages and stamped "queens" onto the pic and made them their paper hats and added a small piece of washi tape to the edge of the pic.

i enjoy looking back sometimes to see what work i have done in the past and what i have created. i am feeling a little queenish today as i am off from work for the queen today! happy friday.....

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  1. Oh I love the Queens! So fun with the pops of color! I am wanting to get some creative time...everything take weeks at this point because of our puppy...your spread inspires me to find a sitter! LOL!


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