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Thursday, February 20, 2014

documented life: challenge 8 {add a tag}

this week's challenge was a add a tag into our moleskin. searching around my studio space i came across this cute little vintage hot pad holder i had been saving to do something cool with (not the one i was looking for....but, suddenly had become the one i was looking for.....)

i have been so inspired by Jenny Doh and her "free stitching" that i wanted to try my own hand at this task. so i gave some free stitching a whirl on my hot pad....

i used Roben-Marie's trick for my background paper. i used some of my own "overpainted" paper and then, cut it down to size to fit my page. Roben-Marie had a wonderful video on how she worked this challenge.

i re-enforced my tab to support my hot pad tag i was adding. one to the front of the page and another to the back side. i used a "paint chip" paper in colors i liked for this support.

here is my back side support.

to sew my paint chip supports into place, i sliced the washi tape holding my page in and took it out of my book. this made sewing my page much easier.

then, when i was done sewing, i taped my page back into my book with more washi tape.

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